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way better than a bag of tricks!
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my pain is your pleasure
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Don't talk to me.
I don't talk very much.
If you try to talk to me,
I wont respond.
All things I am are horrible and disgusting.
You will be happier not knowing me.

I am only here for the art and business, NOT to make relationships.
I am terrible at those.
So don't even bother.
if you watch me watch me for my art not my personality.
Most things i say are half baked and not very smart, so don't take anything i say seriously.
i am currently a hermit trying to figure out life, and so far...failing.
but i am still alive... though i am certain i will die young, thanks to my bad eating habits..
also if it seems like i don't come on often it's because i am afraid of going on this website.
seriously, i am afraid.

i use video games to escape reality because reality often sucks.
- overemitional depressed teen-

fun facts:
- i nervously bite my nails all hours of the day
soon i will pick my fingers off my hand
- i like to make necromorph sounds
- i think necromorphs and space pirates are adorable, and i also like the cyborge midwife,
but anhelids and human/anhelid hybrids creep me out, especially the rumblers and spiders. (i also dislike cyborge assasins)
- my favorite weapons i've used in system shock 2 so far are grenade launchers.
- i like the magnet gun from Red Faction: Armagedon
bad spelling
i would like to get more games from that series
- Favorite videogame protagonist: Samus Aran //hawt mama
- Favorite videogame antagonist: the great and allmighty SHODAN //bows at her glory
- Favorite videogame minions: the Slashers and Acid bag thrower necromorphs that go "Laauugh"


@ Tumblr

not active:
@ Freelance-
@ Facebook…
@ Facebook personal…
@ Photobucket…
@ Audiotool
professional email:
personal email: none
I do not talk very much.
i'm slow at replying to messages so plz be patient

artists: Misakura Nankotsu, Masushita Ito, Mitsui Mana, Mitha, Takanae Kyourin, Tatsuki Amaduyu, Santa Matsuri, Tsurusaki Takahiro, Sakura Hanpen, Kawata Hisashi, Nakamura Takeshi, Ryohka, Anapom, Minazuki Haruka, Herurun, Takano Yuki, Suzui Narumi, Kokonobi, Chr, Yasaka Minato, 10mo, Hazumi Rio, Sarico, Alm, Tatami to Hinoki, Takei Ooki, Onodera, Sazaki Ichiri, Raiou, Nanaroba Hana, Kuwashima Rein, Ichijou Hitoshi, Hiyakawa Haruhi, Himukai Kyousuke, Fujima Takuya, Arikawa Satoru, Aoi Sora-maru, Akane Ikegami, Fumitake Mokibara, Kuroya Shinobu, Youta, Youta, Ariko Yohichi, Muririn, Kitty Cassandra ect...
music: most electronic music

also sobb//// STAMP: I support hazza01 by Sitraxis I support Hazza01 by MikatsuneHazza01 Support Stamp by Mani-Hime

I don't draw anything for you unless I have already agreed to do so.

1.:bulletred:Wanini~detailedCG- base colors
2..:bulletred:LucidIris ~ fullbody ~sketch
3.:bulletred:VegasMazza3~detailed CG~start sketch---detailed CG
4.:bulletred:Kimmymanga~ 2chara fullbody sketching
5.:bulletred:ReonMerryweather fullbody ~ reference wait (choose
6.:bulletred:MakotoAragaki-detailedCG~start sketch
:bulletpurple:Treacly halfbody sketch


please be patient with me *__*
trades left to do: 25
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:AThimetorina need reference
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATPorukachii 50%--i'm done
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:AT cherriluu --
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATInsaneAndroid---50%---i'm done
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:AT Hyo-san-desu
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATKertii :iconepicstareplz:
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:AT7thPaletteneed reference
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATAdele-Channeed reference
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATeruqi :iconepicstareplz:
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATJ00seneed reference
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATshelliiheneed reference
:bulletgreen::bulletpink:ATAshita-No-Hikarineed reference
:bulletgreen::bulletpink::icons-secretsanta:--on hold
:bulletgreen::bulletpink: giftie kiyoshi-seishin
:bulletgreen::bulletpink: dubstep oc of Shiranui94 and hazza01
contest: deadline febuary 29 deadline january 30 deadline april 2

----------- :heart::heart:
:bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpink:mystery gifts:iconicamehappyplz:

:bulletpink:draw Rii's dick
:bulletpink: meltdown kagamine rin
:bulletpink: Ha APP--
:bulletpink: hair cg tutorial--
:bulletpink:lines miku
:bulletpink: frosty-----
:bulletpink: draw pic of purson with disturbingly big eyes-
:bulletpink: Black Rock Shooter
:bulletpink:in the sky
:bulletpink:Rii short hair
:bulletpink: miku x luka candies…
:bulletpurple:watch last episod 'Ano Hana'
:bulletpurple: join tumblr at some point

< da:embed profile="youtube" id="type in here" />
the id is the set of numbers and letters followed by "v=" in the url




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